Broken marriages do not mean broken lives.

Every relationship started with some kind of a dream, but things happen, people get hurt and in order to be more whole, relationships need to end. It is important to remember that while divorce is often thought of as a horrible time, the ultimate goal of any divorce is to provide a person with the opportunity for healing. Yet navigating the divorce process can be painfully confusing.

What type of divorce? What counts will be included?
Will there be financial support during the process? After?
What about property? Retirement?

Divorce is Change

Fair divorce is possible

Divorce does mean change, but it doesn’t have to mean war.

Divorce is more than a change is a relationship: it can require a change in housing, finances, custody, property, and even friends. Each of these changes has additional requirements of documentation, hearings, and time, leaving little energy or awareness for healing.

At Lengert Law, we know how to navigate through the divorce process. Our team, led by Kim Lengert, will listen to you in order to find the best direction based on your situation. Then, compiling the information, we will explain each step of the process as we work with you to navigate through the changes, using our knowledge and experience so that you can focus on healing.

We Start By Listening to You

Our process begins with listening. Each person’s experience is unique, and therefore how the case is handled must be specific to you. By listening to your experience we are able to decide whether your divorce will be a fault or no fault divorce, and which counts would be included. The status of fault or no fault may seem obvious to the person wanting a divorce, but it is based in legal criteria and will affect support payments during the divorce process. A “count” is an additional issue that the court is asked to address, such as child custody.

Reviewing Your Finances

The next step is to review finances. This process requires a review both real and personal property – houses, vehicles, bank accounts, insurances, retirement plans, etcetera – which includes all assets and liabilities. We use these finances to compute a division of martial property under the thirteen factors provided by Pennsylvania law.

Preparing Documentation

Petition for divorce.

We help you gather the necessary information and then complete the documents for you.

Once this information is assembled we can proceed with preparing the documentation necessary for your divorce, not overlooking the possibility of a settlement through drafting a Marital Settlement Agreement (MSA). Should settlement not be a possibility, we will represent you before the Court process. We will listen, and stand with you, so you can focus on what is truly important.

Contact Us For Help with Your Divorce

We understand that divorce is not easy. Lengert Law is here to guide you through the process of a divorce in a compassionate and understanding fashion. Contact us today for help.