Guardianship in Pennsylvania
Sometimes our elderly or young loved ones need help managing their affairs. Guardianships allow you to step in and protect them.

Family Member Need a little Help? Guardianships Allow you to Provide it.

We all do at one time or another. Sometimes we need more help when we get older when illness limits our abilities to manage our personal care or finances, or when a young child needs someone to be the grown–up. In Pennsylvania, a way to help your family member can be through a Guardianship.

​What is a Guardianship in Pennsylvania?

Guardianships are about protectiong

Guardianships are about providing protection to you if you should need help from a trusted love one in the future.

Guardianship is a legal term used when one person is granted control over another person’s well being, and can be either formal (court ordered) or informal (by agreement of the parties). Guardianship is used to protect the well being of a minor child, often if the custodial parent of the child has died, or the well being of a person who is otherwise unable to handle his own affairs due to mental or physical issues.

Whatever the reason, the focus of a Guardianship is the care and safety of the person, and it has two forms: Guardianship of the Person and Guardianship of the Estate.  Guardianship of the Person allows someone to oversee the medical the medical and physical well being of an individual. The Guardian may arrange for special housing, advocate with doctors, and more to ensure that the individual has needed care. The Guardian of the Estate will oversee an individual’s finances, to assure that all eligible benefits are received and bills are paid, seeking to maximize the money available to provide care to the individual in need.

What if we know there will be a need for a guardianship, but not yet?

Contact us, and we can help you with the planning you need to take care of what might happen.

Consider a Clause in your Will

Lengert Law recommends that parents consider guardianship clauses in their Wills in order to protect minor children and that adults consider naming their preferred Guardians in their testamentary documents in case the need arises. Remember, we cannot predict the future, but we can plan for it.

​How Lengert Law Can Help

We know there is a need, but what can we do?

The first step is to contact us. Lengert Law offers a free consultation to review what the needs are and what can be done to protect your loved ones.