A properly prepared Will is not about things: it is about people. People, that you care about. People, that you care for.

Wills Protect the People You Care For

Everyone has someone – or some cause – that they care about. It could be a child, a parent, a pet or a charity. That one for which a memory or a song still can bring a smile to your face as you think about a time shared. It is a special relationship that helps you have more meaning and joy in your life. That person or organization made a difference to you during your life. A Will is a way you can make a difference for them through your life. 

What is a Will?

A properly made Will is an expression of your relationships. Just as you care for your family and friends in your time together, a Will helps alleviate stress at a time when the ones you care about are dealing with loss and grief. A Will that specifically reflects what is important to you allows you to use the legal system to protect your relationships through a smooth transfer of your property.

By using a Will you are giving someone authority to enact your decisions. The legal system requires that when a person dies, bills still need to be paid, bank accounts need to be closed, and belongings need to be moved. But not anyone can do these things: a person needs to have the legal authority to do so. Legal authority is not automatic. Even a spouse may need to ask a court for legal authority to handle something as simple as a bank account or transfer of a car title. In some cases, the court may grant this authority to someone you do not know. But in a Will, you have the ability to assign someone of your choice the authority they will need to handle your property.

What if I change my mind?

Just like our relationships and lives change, so can our Wills. The beginning of a new relationship or adventure, as well as the end of an existing one, are reasons that a Will can be updated.

A good rule of thumb is to review your Will after every life change (like the birth of a child) and at least every five years. A review does not necessarily mean a new Will: it may be as simple as changing your name. What is important is to make sure that your Will continues to represent what – and who – is important to you.

Is a Will Enough?

 A Will is to take care of the ones you love after your death. Combining your Will with a Power of Attorney (POA) and Advanced Directive (Living Will) is a way you can care for your family and your own well-being both during your life and after.

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Not Sure You Need a Will?

Consider these ten common myths about wills and some important truths you need to understand about why everyone should have one of these important documents.