Pennsylvania Estate Law Attorney

A Statement Regarding COVID-19

Estate Planning is about protecting your assets and making certain they go where you want when you pass.

Wills and Powers of Attorney During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many are understandably concerned about making sure their wills and other testamentary documents are in order during these difficult times. Kim Lengert’s process is completely safe. Kim meets with you face-to-face via video so you do not need to leave your home or risk becoming ill.

What is Estate Law in Pennsylvania?

Estate law is a unique practice area that requires both experience and understanding. It is critical that your estate planning attorney works with you to make certain they understand your needs and provides you what you need to protect your assets and your loved ones.

An Attorney Who Listens

Kim Lengert is an attorney who listens to her clients, gains an understanding of family dynamics, and makes certain that your estate plan and documents do what they are supposed to: protect you and your family.

Contact Kim

Whether you need a new estate plan, want to update old documents, or require assistance administering an estate, Kim Lengert is available to help. Contact Kim, for assistance with your Pennsylvania estate planning or administration needs, today.