Posted by: Mar 29, 2020

Myth: “I really don’t have enough to need a Will.”

Truth:    Having a Will is not about how much you have, but about keeping what you have. By planning ahead by creating a Will with Attorney Lengert, you can ensure that those you love will receive that for which you have worked so hard.

Myth: “I’m pretty young and in good health, so I don’t need a Will yet.”

Truth:    It is wonderful that you are young and in good health: but it is not a guarantee that your life will not suddenly and drastically change. You can, however, use your youth and good health now to take the pressure off your loved ones later by planning with an estate attorney, Kim Lengert, for the unknown.

Myth: “I don’t need a Will because my kids will take care of everything.”

Truth:    You have taken care of your kids throughout their lives: why stop now? Having a Will that can clearly express your wishes will alleviate the legal burdens that only add to grief at a time of death. Attorney Lengert, an experienced estate attorney can help you take care of your kids not only during your lifetime but theirs.

Myth: “I don’t need a Will: I’m married so everything just goes to my spouse.”

Truth:    It would be nice if life was this simple, but it isn’t. Transfer of property to your spouse is dependent on both the type of property and how it may be titled. Authority to transfer property – whether houses, family heirlooms or funds – may become a legal nightmare for your spouse.  Attorney Lengert works with you to ensure that everything (that you want) goes to your spouse.

Myth: “My family knows where I want it all to go, so I don’t need to write it in a Will.”

Truth:    A Will not only shows where or to whom you want your things to be given, but it also gives someone the authority to make those gifts. Without a will that properly gives authority for someone to act as your representative, your family will need to petition the Court to appoint someone, and there is no guarantee that it will be a member of your family. Attorney Lengert carefully listens to you to make sure that your choices are honored.

Myth: “I don’t need a Will, the government takes it all anyway.”

Truth:    Not if you don’t give it to the government through a lack of preparation. Attorney Lengert will review options –Gifts, Living Wills, and Trusts – with you so you can make the best decision to protect your property for the ones you love.

Myth: “I had a Will when I first got married: it was good then so its fine now.”

Truth:    If there has been a change in your life, that change should be reflected in your Will. The truth is our lives are constantly changing: buying a house, having kids, income, jobs, and more. Your Will is designed to protect your life as it is at a particular time in your life. This is the main reason that Attorney Lengert always has personal conversations with clients when preparing a Will: to know their life situations and prepare for the changes that will one day come.

Myth: “It’s too late for me to get a Will.”

Truth:    Under the law, if you are able to understand what your property is, you are able to decide who to give it to. This means that it is rarely too late to make a Will. But the basic truth is that there is no time like the present.  Attorney Lengert has met with people at all stages of their lives to prepare: she is ready to meet with you.

Myth: “Wills are expensive, I’ll get by without one.”

Truth:    A Will probably costs less than you imagine, and likely less than the costs of not having a Will where your family and friends will need to create special petitions to resolve any payments and distribute your belongings.  During your personal conversation with Attorney Lengert you can see what the most cost-effective options are to save costs for your family.

Myth:   “It doesn’t matter where I get a Will: they’re all legal or they couldn’t sell them.”

Truth:   A document may be legal but still not right for you. While some companies use a “one size fits all” method, Attorney Lengert drafts a Will specific to you and your needs.


Now that you understand why you need a will, reach out to estate attorney Kim Lengert. She can review your pre-existing will or help you write a new one.