Long gone are the days when attorneys need to have a physical space in a certain location to practice law. Many attorneys, like Kim, keep their office overhead low by practicing in a home office. In Kim’s case, her physical office is located on an Island in Hancock County, Maine.

You may wonder how Kim can provide legal services to clients in Pennsylvania when she is physically located in Maine. The answer is that Kim is conversant in modern technology that enables her to do so. Kim utilizes tools such as secure video conferencing, VOIP telephone services, secure email, mail forwarding, and other items to communicate with her clients. All of Kim’s communications to and from her clients and other attorneys maintain the highest standards of security. She uses secure means to rapidly transmit documents between her and her clients.

What Do You Need to Work with Kim?

In order to take advantage of Kim’s virtual office, you only need a smart phone such as an iPhone or an Android, a tablet, or a computer with a camera. As long as you have one of these items, you will be capable of taking advantage of Kim’s methods of communication.

What if Kim Needs to be in Pennsylvania?

If Kim’s presence is necessary in Pennsylvania, she is able to travel there. However, rarely does estate planning require the physical presence of the attorney. In most cases, clients and attorneys are easily able to communicate using the tools mentioned above.

Kim is Committed to Standing with her Clients

Kim does not charge her clients extra for travel to Pennsylvania. In other words, you will not need to pay for plane tickets or hotel rooms if she needs to travel simply because she resides in Maine.


If you have any questions or concerns about Kim’s virtual presence in Pennsylvania, do not hesitate to reach out to her.